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Getting Started with Policy Governance

Bringing Purpose, Integrity and Efficiency to Your Board's Work

Caroline Oliver

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In this newest book on the Policy Governance approach to boardleadership created by John Carver, Caroline Oliver gives readerspractical, hands-on tools for getting the most from the system inthe day-to-day operation of their boards. In the PolicyGovernance Fieldbook, Oliver explored the experience of 11organizations that succeeded and failed in using Policy Governance.Now, she has drawn upon the most important lessons from thatexperience as well as her experience in helping many moreorganizations along the Policy Governance road to governingexcellence. The result is a wealth of tools and resources forhelping readers to: * Decide if Policy Governance is right for them * Identify and link with owners * Develop means policies * Create Ends policies * Monitor Policies * Run meetings * Evaluate * Plan for the future


--Dr. Jay Bevington, Assurance andAdvisory Public Sector, Deloitte & Touche LLP
"What a truly outstanding and thought-provoking book. It changedhow I work with Boards overnight and forever! If we all took theadvice within the pages of this book, then organizations woulddeliver greater value to their owners and be better places towork."
--Geraldine Peacock, former chair, The CharityCommission
"This is a great read! Such a book is long overdue. It'scomprehensive, accessible, and fills a big gap in themarket."
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