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T-Mobile G1 For Dummies

Chris Ziegler

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Excited about the new Google phone? T-Mobile's G1 androidphone is packed with possibilities, and T-Mobile G1 ForDummies will help you make the most of them. This fun and friendly guide shows you how to navigate theG1's android interface, make phone calls, view maps, managecontacts, browse the Web, and a whole lot more. Your T-Mobile G1 isso much more than a phone--it's also an administrativeassistant, movie theater, jukebox, mobile office, and several morethings all rolled into one device. With T-Mobile G1 ForDummies, you can: * Find out all about the Android smartphone operating system andwhat it offers * Learn your way around the G1's keyboard, buttons, andtouch screen * See how your G1 connects to both Wi-Fi networks andT-Mobile's high-speed network * Surf the Web, download music and picture files, and tweakbrowser settings * Send and receive Gmail, get where you're going withGoogle Maps, and stay organized with Google Calendar * Take photos, check out YouTube, and fill your phone withmedia * Manage your e-mail and choose which messages will be synced toyour phone * Shop the Android Market and discover more cool apps for yourG1 Don't waste a single cool feature of your T-Mobile G1!T-Mobile G1 For Dummies shows you how to use all the greatGoogle functions, play (and even buy) music, browse the Web, addapps, and more.

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