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Private Wealth

Wealth Management In Practice

Stephen M. Horan (Hrsg.)

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An in-depth examination of today's most important wealthmanagement issues Managing the assets of high-net-worth individuals has become acore business specialty for investment and financial advisorsworldwide. Keeping abreast of the latest research in this field isparamount. That's why Private Wealth, the inaugural offering in theCFA Institute Investment Perspectives series has been created. As asister series to the globally successful CFA Institute InvestmentSeries, CFA Institute and John Wiley are proud to offer this newcollection. Private Wealth presents the latest information onlifecycle modeling, asset allocation, investment management fortaxable private investors, and much more. Researched and written byleading academics and practitioners, including Roger Ibbotson ofYale University and Zvi Bodie of Boston University, this volumecovers human capital and mortality risk in life cycle stages andproposes a life-cycle model for life transitions. It also addressescomplex tax matters and provides details on customizing investmenttheory applications to the taxable investor. Finally, this reliableresource analyzes the use of tax-deferred investment accounts as ameans for wealth accumulation and presents a useful framework forvarious tax environments.

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