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Run Your Business Like a Fortune 100

7 Principles for Boosting Profits

Rosalie Lober

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WHAT YOU MUST KNOW TO TURN YOUR PROFITABLE BUSINESS INTO A GREATONE Your business is profitable. Though you sweat every detail, it'stoo easy for customers and employees to slip away. Meanwhile,you're tempted by new markets and threatened by upstarts. This is the world of Rosalie Lober's Run Your Business Like aFortune 100 where successful entrepreneurs either get big or gohome. Dr. Lober reveals how your profitable small or mid-sizebusiness can get to the top and stay there. Her PROFITS principlesspring from the best practices of giant corporations that investedmillions of dollars and many years in their development. Dr. Lober shows how companies like yours can position themselvesquickly in tumultuous markets, integrate change faster, operatewithout bureaucracy, and become more profitable than largercompetitors. Tuned to the needs of ambitious growing companies,Run Your Business Like a Fortune 100 shows you why you haveto adopt these winning principles and integrate them across yourorganization. "Not since Tom Peters's In Search of Excellence has therebeen an analysis of the best practices of companies from around theworld that aspiring entrepreneurs could put to use immediately totransform their own businesses." -Karen Rands, President, Launch Funding Network, Inc., "Entrepreneurs, owners, and managers of businesses, regardlessof annual sales, will find Dr. Lober's book filled with wisdom thatworks. Fortune 100 firms pay millions each year to managementconsultants for what Dr. Lober gives you for the price of thisremarkable book!" -J. Preston Jones, DBA, Executive Associate Dean, H. WayneHuizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship "Intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs strive to exploit everyopportunity to grow, implement the latest technology, and cut costsat the same time. These goals are usually in conflict, but Lobergives practical advice and examples of how they can all be achievedby following the Run Your Business Like a Fortune 100blueprint." Gerard Callaghan, Managing Director, Bank of America, and FormerManaging Director, Global Finance, Citigroup

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