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Advising Ultra-Affluent Clients and Family Offices

Michael M. Pompian

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A timely guide for financial professionals looking to tap intothe lucrative world of the ultra-affluent The ultra affluent-defined here as those having $50million or more in liquid assets-are an elite class whoexpect their financial advisors to not only preserve and grow theirassets, but also help them with "soft" issues such as philanthropyand family governance. One of the biggest factors to success inthis field is the relationship between the client and the advisor.In Advising Ultra-Affluent Clients and Family Offices,author and practicing investment consultant Michael Pompianprovides a practical introduction to who the ultra-affluentactually are and reveals what it takes to build and maintain asolid relationship with them. Filled with in-depth insights andexpert advice, this unique resource offers valuable information onissues that every advisor to the ultra-affluent must be familiarwith.

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