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Stop the Investing Rip-off

How to Avoid Being a Victim and Make More Money

David B. Loeper

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The Investing Rip-Off How can you tell whether an advisor is conflicted or looking outfor your best interests? What questions should you ask when making important investmentdecisions? How can you select investments that avoid needless expenses andrisk? As investors, many of us have put our faith in the financialservices industry when it comes to the stewardship of our wealth.Unfortunately, the industry has consistently failed us on thisfront. The financial services industry--including banks,brokerages, and insurance companies--is unique among allothers. Through effective advertising and marketing, it's been ableto evade being painted with the brush other underperformingindustries have, and in most cases, their well-designed sales pitchhas allowed them to effectively prey on the emotional desires ofinvestors. Based on author David Loeper's nearly twenty-five years ofexperience with this industry's inner workings, Stop the InvestingRip-off reveals the real costs of the investments we make, detailsthe false and misleading information sold to us, and discusses thedevastating effects they can have on personal wealth. With thisbook as your guide, you'll gain invaluable insights into the majorsegments of the financial services industry, how they spin theirofferings, and the questions you need to ask before committing anymoney to a financial product or service you may be interestedin. Filled with in-depth insights and practical advice, Stop theInvesting Rip-off sheds much-needed light on the often-unseenaspects of the financial services industry--exposingwhat¿only insiders know--and shows you how to avoid theconflicts of interest that could compromise your financialwell-being.

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