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The House of Dimon

How JPMorgan's Jamie Dimon Rose to the Top of the Financial World

Patricia Crisafulli

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A behind-the-scenes look at Wall Street's top banker Following the eleventh-hour rescue of Bear Stearns by JP Morgan,Jamie Dimon's profile reached stratospheric levels. And while thedeals and decisions he's made have usually turned out to be theright ones, his journey to the top of the financial world has beenanything but easy. Now, in The House of Dimon, former business journalistPatricia Crisafulli goes behind the scenes to recount the amazingevents that have shaped Dimon's career, from his rise to prominenceas Sandy Weill's protZgZ at Citigroup to the dramasurrounding his purchase of Bear Stearns and Washington Mutual.Each step of the way, this engaging book provides insider accountsof how Dimon successfully acquired and integrated companies,created efficiencies, and grew bottom-line results as theconsummate hands-on manager. * Includes interviews with Dimon himself, Sandy Weill, andcolleagues who've known Dimon over the course of his career * Shows how Dimon's management style and talent for takingcalculated risks have allowed him to excel where many others havefailed * Places Dimon in the context of contemporary Wall Street, anenvironment that has destroyed several top CEOs During one of the most difficult and tumultuous periods in WallStreet history, Jamie Dimon has survived and thrived. The Houseof Dimon reveals how he's done it and explores what lies aheadfor Dimon, as he attempts to grow JPMorgan in the face of theunrelenting pressures of Wall Street.


(Seeking Alpha)
"It is easy to read and brings together events in the financialmarkets over the past 40 years that are helpful to review andreflect upon"
(CEO Middle East, April2009)
"Crisafulli goes behind the scenes to recount the amazing eventsthat have shaped Dimon's career"
(The Wall StreetJournal, April 10, 2009)
"...anyone who reads Ms. Crisafulli's fiduciary loveletter will take away some valuable lessons in running abank--or, for that matter, a business."
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