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The Wiley Encyclopedia of Packaging Technology

Kit L. Yam (Hrsg.)

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The complete and authoritative guide to modern packagingtechnologies --updated and expanded From A to Z, The Wiley Encyclopedia of Packaging Technology,Third Edition covers all aspects of packaging technologiesessential to the food and pharmaceutical industries, among others.This edition has been thoroughly updated and expanded to includeimportant innovations and changes in materials, processes, andtechnologies that have occurred over the past decade. It is aninvaluable resource for packaging technologists, scientists andengineers, students and educators, packaging material suppliers,packaging converters, packaging machinery manufacturers,processors, retailers, and regulatory agencies. In addition to updating and improving articles from the previousedition, new articles are also added to cover the recent advancesand developments in packaging. Content new to this editionincludes: * Advanced packaging materials such as antimicrobial materials,biobased materials, nanocomposite materials, ceramic-coated films,and perforated films * Advanced packaging technologies such as active and intelligentpackaging, radio frequency identification (RFID), controlledrelease packaging, smart blending, nanotechnology, biosensortechnology, and package integrity inspection * Various aspects important to packaging such as sustainablepackaging, migration, lipid oxidation, light protection, andintellectual property * Contributions from experts in all-important aspects ofpackaging * Extensive cross-referencing and easy-to-access information onall subjects * Large, double-column format for easy reference


(Food andBeverage Packaging - Online, 19 December 2012)
"The complete and authoritative guide to modern packagingtechnologies?--updated and expanded."
(Food Science & Technology, 3September 2011)
"This excellent Third edition represents an invaluable resourcefor packaging technologists, scientists and educators, packagingmaterial suppliers, machinery manufacturers, processors, retailers,and regulatory agencies."
(Innova Market Insights, 2010)
"Since the previous edition, major innovations have occurred insustainable packaging, intelligent packaging, smart blendingtechnology, and nanotechnology; the volume also addresses increasedsecurity and environmental concerns. All these developments arereflected in new or greatly expanded coverage within this usefulreference work." (CHOICE, July 2010)"Throughout the bookthere is a good balance of breadth and depth of detail in allsections, including those about the manufacturing and handlingoperations required for the different packaging types. There areexcellent sections regarding chemical and physical testing ofpackaging materials."
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