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Content Matters

A Disciplinary Literacy Approach to Improving Student Learning

Anthony M. Petrosky, Stephanie M. McConachie

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An authoritative guide for improving teaching, learning, andliteracy in content area classrooms This book introduces teachers to the Disciplinary Literacyinstructional framework developed by the Institute for Learning,University of Pittsburgh. Grounded in the Principles of Learningdeveloped by acclaimed educator Lauren Resnick, the framework isdesigned to prepare students, grades 6 and up, to master therigorous academic content learning required for college success.Unlike 'generic' teaching models, the framework is specificallytailored for each of the content disciplines. Highly practical, thebook shows teachers how to integrate literacy development andthinking practices into their routine content instruction, withseparate chapters devoted to math, science, history, andEnglish/language arts. The book also shows how school instructionalleaders can support teachers in learning and using thisinstructional approach. * Offers an innovative approach for improving literacy, thinking,and content learning in secondary students * Includes detailed instructional guidance plus numerousclassroom examples of lessons, dialogs, and teaching routines * Features chapters on each of the content areas-math, science,language arts, and social sciences * Provides leadership guidance in implementing the method * Foreword written by internationally acclaimed educator andcognitive scientist Lauren Resnick

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