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Effective Grant Writing and Program Evaluation for Human Service Professionals

Francis K. O. Yuen, Kenneth L. Terao, Anna Marie Schmidt, et al.

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Betriebswirtschaft


A state-of-the-art guide for developing grants witha strongemphasis on using program outcome measurement to underscore needand accountability Based on the authors' many years of experience in the public andnonprofit sectors, Effective Grant Writing and ProgramEvaluation for Human Service Professionals integrates thetopics of grant proposal writing and program evaluation, offeringgrant seekers the practical guidance they need to develop qualityproposals, obtain funding, and demonstrate service results andaccountability. The authors clearly and succinctly illustrate and describe eachstage of the grant writing and evaluation process. Problems orissues that arise frequently are highlighted and followed byspecific advice. In addition, numerous real-world examples andexercises are included throughout the book to give readers theopportunity for reflection and practice. This timely reference incorporates a strengths perspective,providing: * An inside look at the grant writing and evaluation processes,with insights from experienced grant writers, agencyadministrators, foundation program managers, and grantreviewers * Specific examples of successful grant proposals and evaluationplans and instruments serving as models for learning andpractice * Field-tested individual and group exercises that facilitate thedevelopment of grant writing and evaluation skills * Discussion of electronic technology in grant writing andevaluation, including writing and submitting grant proposalsonline, and identifying funding sources This grant writing and program evaluation guide follows aneeds-driven, evidence-based, result-oriented, and client-centeredperspective. Its authoritative discussion equips human serviceprofessionals to effectively develop grants with a strong emphasison measuring program outcomes.

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