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Madoff with the Money

Jerry Oppenheimer

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An intriguing look at Bernie Madoff the man, and his scam Madoff with the Money is a deeply disturbing portrait ofBernie Madoff based on dozens of exclusive, news-making interviews.From the values Madoff was taught growing up in the working classtown of Laurelton, Queens to his high-life on Wall Street and thesuper-rich enclaves of Palm Beach and the French Riviera,bestselling author Jerry Oppenheimer follows the disgraced moneymanager's trail as he works his way up the social and economicladder, and eventually scams his trusting clients in a $50 billionPonzi scheme. Through Oppenheimer's in-depth reporting, you'll discover newrevelations in this startling case, and become familiar with thetrusting victims-ranging from non-profit Jewish charities to thelikes of seemingly sophisticated individuals such as actress JaneFonda who would "like to shake Madoff until his teeth fall out,"the scion of the Baskin-Robbins ice cream empire who lost a bundleand was forced to rent out rooms in his house, and New JerseySenator Frank Lautenberg. There's even Madoff's own sister-in-lawand talk show host Larry King, who apparently didn't ask the rightquestions when he invested. All lost their much-needed lifesavings, while others saw fortunes small and large evaporate in thegreedy financial operations of one of history's all-timecharlatans. Madoff With the Money * Delves into the details of the illusive man that lost investorsbillions * Weaves stories of Madoff's past with those of the present in anengaging and accessible style * Explores how the financial scam that Madoff ran costindividuals and institutions billions of dollars * Other titles by Oppenheimer: Toy Monster: The Big, Bad Worldof Mattel, and Just Desserts: Martha Stewart theUnauthorized Biography While there may be other books on the Bernie Madoff debacle,none digs as deep or goes as far to uncover the truth behind theman, and his incredible scam.

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