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A History of Modern Psychology in Context

Wade Pickren, Alexandra Rutherford

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A fresh look at the history of psychology placed in its social,political, and cultural contexts A History of Modern Psychology in Context presents thehistory of modern psychology in the richness of its many contexts.The authors resist the traditional storylines of great achievementsby eminent people, or schools of thought that rise and fall in thewake of scientific progress. Instead, psychology is portrayed as anetwork of scientific and professional practices embedded inspecific temporal, social, political, and cultural contexts. Thenarrative is informed by three key concepts--indigenization,reflexivity, and social constructionism--and by thefascinating interplay between disciplinary Psychology and everydaypsychology. The authors complicate the notion of who is at the center andwho is at the periphery of the history of psychology by bringing inactors and events that are often overlooked in traditionalaccounts. They also highlight how the reflexive nature ofPsychology--a science produced both by and abouthumans--accords history a prominent place in understanding thediscipline and the theories it generates. Throughout the text, the authors show how Psychology andpsychologists are embedded in cultures that indelibly shape how thediscipline is defined and practiced, the kind of knowledge itcreates, and how this knowledge is received. The text also movesbeyond an exclusive focus on the development of North American andEuropean psychologies to explore the development of psychologies inother indigenous contexts, especially from the mid-20th-centuryonward.


(PsycCRITIQUES, September 15, 2010)
"Pickren and Rutherford want to provide a history of psychology that describes how culture, race, ethnicity, and gender have influenced psychology's development within social, political, and economic contexts. They intend to provide a postmodern, social constructionist treatment of psychology's history that is accessible to undergraduate students. In a number of other ways Pickren and Rutherford do a good job of providing an original description of the field's social and historical contexts. They do a credible job of providing an alternative version of our discipline's history that students and professors ready for a postmodern textbook will find novel and instructive."
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