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Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Project Management in a Changing Global Environment

Scott D. Babler (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Chemie


Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Portfolio Management in a Changing Global Environment explores some of the critical forces at work today in the complex endeavour of pharmaceutical and medical product development. Written by experienced professionals, and including real-world approaches and best practice examples, this new title addresses three key areas - small molecules, large molecules, and medical devices - and provides hard-to-find, consolidated information relevant to and needed by pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device company managers.


--Barbara Rosengren, Vice President, Strategic ProductDevelopment, Momenta Pharmaceuticals Inc
"The book is an excellent primer and "hands on" reference textfocused on the unique aspects of managing projects in the lifesciences. Practical tips and tools are offered for wide rangingtopics relevant to those working in both large pharma and smallbiotech, in both US focused and global settings."
--Kathleen Monroe, Vice President, Imaging Services,Synarc
"I love this book and absolutely want to keep a copy on myshelf. It feels like a PMO in a box - I will be able to openit up and get my questions answered, confirm what I am thinking,and look for other ways to approach and solve problems. The writingacross the board is consistently strong, the organization makessense and it reads well - almost like a fast-paced fictionnovel!"
--Elaine Alexander, Sr Project Manager, Global MedicalCompany
"I found the book to be practical and timely in providingup-to-date information for project managers in this evolving areaof practice. The book provides a good view of the broad landscapeof current project management challenges in a quickly evolvingindustry. It is an excellent grounding for project managers in thebiomedical industry and a highly recommended text for those whowant hands-on advice from professionals that are actively engagedin the field. This book is valuable for project managementpractitioners as well as for senior managers who seek a betterunderstanding of the complexities of project management in thecurrent biomedical environment."
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