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Unmanned Aircraft Systems

UAVS Design, Development and Deployment

Reg Austin

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Maschinenbau, Fertigungstechnik


Unmanned Aircraft Systems delivers a much neededintroduction to UAV System technology, taking an integratedapproach that avoids compartmentalising the subject. Arranged infour sections, parts 1-3 examine the way in which variousengineering disciplines affect the design, development anddeployment of UAS. The fourth section assesses the futurechallenges and opportunities of UAS. Technological innovation and increasingly diverse applicationsare two key drivers of the rapid expansion of UAS technology. Theglobal defence budget for UAS procurement is expanding, and in thefuture the market for civilian UAVs is expected to outmatch that ofthe military. Agriculture, meteorology, conservation and bordercontrol are just a few of the diverse areas in which UAVs aremaking a significant impact; the author addresses all of theseapplications, looking at the roles and technology behind both fixedwing and rotorcraft UAVs. Leading aeronautical consultant Reg Austin co-founded theBristol International Remotely Piloted Vehicle (RPV) conferences in1979, which are now the longest-established UAS conferencesworldwide. In addition, Austin has over 40 years' experience in thedesign and development of UAS. One of Austin's programmes, the"Sprite UAV System" has been deployed around the world and operatedby day and night, in all weathers.


(RAeS AerospaceProfessional magazine, 1 April 2011)
"This book review is part of the Practical IndustrialApplications series on Startup Business Book Reviews, providingquality book reviews of the business books thatmatter." (Will Roney, 3 September2012)"Overall, the book is a useful guide to the wide subject ofunmanned aircraft and will sit comfortably on the shelves of bothinterested amateur and experienced professional."
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