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Data Analysis in Vegetation Ecology

Otto Wildi

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / ÷kologie


Evolving from years of teaching experience by one of the topexperts in vegetation ecology, Data Analysis in VegetationEcology aims to explain the background and basics ofmathematical (mainly multivariate) analysis of vegetation data. The book lays out the basic operations involved in the analysis,the underlying hypotheses, aims and points of views. It conveys themessage that each step in the calculations has a specific,straightforward meaning and that patterns and processes known byecologists often find their counterpart in mathematical operationsand functions. The first chapters introduce the elementary conceptsand operations and relate them to real-world phenomena andproblems. Later chapters concentrate on combinations of methods toreveal surprising features in data sets. Showing how to findpatterns in time series, how to generate simple dynamic models, howto reveal spatial patterns and related occurrence probabilitymaps.


(Folia Geobot, 1 December2011)
"All students sampling vegetation data should be aware that thisis a really nice book summarizing the approaches used in vegetationecology . . . I enjoyed reading this book and can recommend it forstudents of botany or general ecology. It is also well suited teachingmaterial."
(Austral Ecology, 1November 2012)
"This book will be a valuable addition to the shelves ofearly postgraduate candidates and postdoctoralresearchers."
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