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Solid Waste Technology and Management

Thomas Christensen (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Chemie


The collection, transportation and subsequent processing of wastematerials is a vast field of study which incorporates technical,social, legal, economic, environmental and regulatory issues.Common waste management practices include landfilling, biologicaltreatment, incineration, and recycling - all boastingadvantages and disadvantages. Waste management has changedsignificantly over the past ten years, with an increased focus onintegrated waste management and life-cycle assessment (LCA), withthe aim of reducing the reliance on landfill with its obviousenvironmental concerns in favour of greener solutions. Withcontributions from more than seventy internationally known expertspresented in two volumes and backed by the International WasteWorking Group and the International Solid WasteAssociation, detailed chapters cover: * Waste Generation and Characterization * Life Cycle Assessment of Waste Management Systems * Waste Minimization * Material Recycling * Waste Collection * Mechanical Treatment and Separation * Thermal Treatment * Biological Treatment * Landfilling * Special and Hazardous Waste Solid Waste Technology & Management is a balanced anddetailed account of all aspects of municipal solid wastemanagement, treatment and disposal, covering both engineering andmanagement aspects with an overarching emphasis on the life-cycleapproach.


(MyCFO, 28 February 2011)
"Written by 40 internationally known experts, and carefully edited for consistency, the book is a balanced account of all aspects of municipal solid waste management, treatment and disposal, and covers both engineering and management aspects with an overarching emphasis on the life-cycle analysis approach."
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