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Continuing Professional Development

A Guide for Therapists

Auldeen Alsop

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Therapists must increase their understanding of ContinuingProfessional Development (CPD) to maintain and improve competence.Every practitioner will need to take steps to maintain anddemonstrate continued competence under the provisions of the newHealth Act 1999. This book considers current policy on CPD and discusses thetheoretical basis for maintaining competence and for adultlearning. Primarily, however, it provides practical guidance on howto develop a strategy for professional and career development, andon portfolio preparation that shows evidence of professionalupdating and CPD. Many examples are given of activities in theareas of clinical work, management, education and research that canbe used for CPD. The development and use of learning skills such asreflection and critical evaluation is considered central to theprocess. Written specifically with the therapist in mind, this book willprovide invaluable practical advice to occupational therapists,physiotherapists, radiographers, speech and language therapists,and podiatrists.


Physiotherapy Journal
"The book should serve as a useful resource for physiotherapydepartments, those with a particular responsibility for promotingand organising CPD, and university libraries." "Those with more theoretical interests in the subject shouldfind it a comprehensive survey of the dimensions of CPD for thetherapy professions of today."
British Journal of Occupational Therapy
"Auldeen Alsop's excellent book provides a timelysource of reference for therapists who wish to develop their ownCPD." "This publication offers an invaluable addition to anytherapy department library, and is a resource that should be soughtout by individual therapists who are undertaking responsibility fortheir own CPD."



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