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The ICE Conditions of Contract

Brian Eggleston

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The ICE Conditions continues to be the dominant form of contract for civil engineering, despite the growing importance of the New Engineering Contract. The Seventh Edition of the ICE Conditions, published in 1999, introduced a number of changes, including: * incorporating some of the concepts of the Latham Report * amending certain provisions of the Sixth Edition which had attracted criticism * rectifying conspicuous omissions from the text of earlier editions of the contract * correcting small errors and faults from the previous edition * modernising certain provisions and terms Brian Eggleston, whose previous book on the ICE Conditions was described as 'likely to become the authoritative reference source for the Sixth Edition', examines the contract clause by clause from a practical and legal viewpoint. There is extensive coverage of case law. Written by an experienced civil engineer and recognized authority on construction contracts, this book is an essential guide.


-- Professor John Uff QC
'Brian Eggleston has produced a cornucopia of material which willbe invaluable to anyone researching a point under the ICEConditions'
-- Arbitration
"He has displayed a very sound understanding of all legalprinciples....the explanation is easily digestible...this is areadable book of a very high standard and the practical and legalknowledge contained are a must for all those involved in the ICEConditions"
-- Tony Bingham
'Brian Eggleston once again hits the mark with this latestanalysis of the ICE Standard Form. His easy read is a must forevery member of the construction team.'
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