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Recent Developments

Ronald Clarke, O. G. Vitzthum

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Landwirtschaft, Gartenbau


Coffee, one of the most commercially important crops grown, isdistributed and traded globally in a multi-million dollar worldindustry. This exciting new book brings together in one volume themost important recent developments affecting the crop.Contributions from around 20 internationally-respected coffeescientists and technologists from around the world provide a vastwealth of new information in the subject areas in which they areexpert. The book commences with three cutting-edge chapters coveringnon-volatile and volatile compounds that determine the flavour ofcoffee. Chapters covering technology follow, includingcomprehensive information on developments in roasting techniques,decaffeination, the science and technology of instant coffee andhome / catering beverage preparation. The physiological effects ofcoffee drinking are considered in a fascinating chapter on coffeeand health. Agronomic aspects of coffee breeding and growing arecovered specifically in chapters concentrating on these aspects,particularly focussing on newly-emerging molecular and cellulartechniques. Finally, recent activities of some internationalorganisations are reviewed in a lengthy appendix. The editors of Coffee: Recent Developments have drawntogether a comprehensive and extremely important book that shouldbe on the shelves of all those involved in coffee. The book is avital tool for food scientists, food technologists and agriculturalscientists and the commercially important information included inthe book makes it a 'must have reference' to all food companiesinvolved with coffee. All libraries in universities, and researchstations where any aspect of the coffee crop is studied or taughtshould have copies of the book available. R. J. Clarke, also co-editor of the widely-acclaimed six-volumework Coffee published between 1985 and 1988, is a consultant basedin Chichester U. K. O. G. Vitzthum, formerly Director of Coffee Chemistry Researchworldwide at Kraft, Jacobs, Suchard in Bremen, Germany is HonoraryProfessor at the Technical University of Braunsweig, Germany andScientific Secretary of the Association Scientifique Internationaledu Cafe (ASIC), in Paris France.


?The editors of Coffee: Recent Developments have drawntogether a comprehensive and extremely important book that shouldbe on the shelves of all those involved in coffee.? ( CaféCulture, September 2009)
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