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Roofing Ready Reckoner

Metric and Imperial Dimensions for Timber Roofs of any Span and Pitch

C. N. Mindham, R. Goss

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Now fully revised, the third edition of this renowned book by RalphGoss has been made even more valuable with the addition of many newillustrations, and takes into account not only traditional cut roofconstruction but also modern trussed rafter roof assembly methods. Revised by C.N. Mindham, author of Roof Construction and LoftConversion, this new edition contains many new drawings ofconstructional details for which his own book is much acclaimed.Information is now given on wall plate and gable end strapping,wind bracing, truss clips and other roofing metalwork, as well ason the modern tools and instruments necessary to carry out theconstruction work. Proven as a book for professionals, the book is now equallysuitable for the keen DIY enthusiast as well as the professional.All information is given in both metric and imperial units.

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