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Nutrition and Health

Koen Descheemaeker (Hrsg.), Tanya Carr (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Medizin


Continuing accumulation of scientific evidence demonstrates thatnutrition is one of the most important determinants of health forthe individual, and that specific nutrition habits of variouspopulations can significantly decrease the overall risk of severalchronic diseases. This landmark publication, which contains papers presented atthe 1st Nutrition and Health conference, covers the major topicsrelating to nutritional aspects of health. Chapters within thisimportant book cover vital health issues, including details of thelinks between diet and cardiovascular disease, obesity, cancer,diabetes and osteoporosis. Further chapters within Nutrition andHealth cover important nutritional issues, for example managing thehuman gut flora, vegetarianism and the role ofphytoprotectants. Each chapter has been written by a well-known expert, and thewhole has been drawn together and carefully edited, providing animportant reference resource for the future. All healthprofessionals interested or involved in nutrition and the impact ofnutrition on health should have a copy of this book on theirshelves, as should libraries in all medical schools, anduniversities and research establishments where nutrition, dieteticsand food science are studied and taught. Also available from Blackwell Publishing A major series of textbooks from the Nutrition Society Introduction to Human Nutrition (0 632 05624 X) Nutrition and Metabolism (0 632 05625 8) Clinical Nutrition (0 632 05626 6) Public Health Nutrition (0 632 05627 4) Nutrition Bulletin (Journal) Published quarterly ISSN: 0141 9684 Adverse Reactions to Foods Edited by J. Buttriss (BNF) 0 632 055472 Principles of Human Nutrition Second edition M. Eastwood 0 632 05811 0



Gesundheits- u. Sozialwesen, Ernährungslehre, Nutrition, Health & Social Care