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Debating Deliberative Democracy

James S. Fishkin (Hrsg.), Peter Laslett (Hrsg.)

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Philosophie


Debating Deliberative Democracy explores the nature andvalue of deliberation, the feasibility and desirability ofconsensus on contentious issues, the implications of institutionalcomplexity and cultural diversity for democratic decision making,and the significance of voting and majority rule in deliberativearrangements. * * Investigates the nature and value of deliberation, thefeasibility and desirability of consensus on contentious issues,the implications of institutional complexity and cultural diversityfor democratic decision making, and the significance of voting andmajority rule in deliberative arrangements. * Includes focus on institutions and makes reference to empiricalwork. * Engages a debate that cuts across political science,philosophy, the law and other disciplines.


Sanford Levinson, University of Texas School of Law
'James Fishkin and the late Peter Laslett have performed areal service by bringing together articles on deliberativedemocracy by first-rate scholars. Well balanced among advocates,skeptics, and critics, this collection significantly advances thedebate on a central concept of contemporary political theory. Aworthy addition to a distinguished series.' William A.Galston, University of Maryland <!--end--> 'This volume airs the latest ideas of some of the mostimportant thinkers in the debate over deliberative democracy. A'must-read' for anyone in the field.' JaneMansbridge, Harvard University 'Debating Deliberative Democracy is an outstandingcollection of essays about issues arising from accounts ofdemocracy that accord a central role to deliberation and publicdialogue. Fishkin and Laslett have recruited a stellar cast oftheorists, most of whom have written influentially about thesematters before. The essays have the dual merit of being valuable tothe expert and accessible to the initiate. Highlyrecommended.' Thomas A. Spragens, Jr., DukeUniversity 'This is a truly outstanding collection about an importanttopic. Almost everyone one would want to read is represented in thebook. But perhaps what is most significant is that the essays haveall been written quite recently; they absorb and build on thecopious discussion of deliberative democracy that occurredthroughout the 1990s, to the benefit of all readers.'



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