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The JCT Major Project Form

Neil F. Jones

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The Joint Contracts Tribunal are publishing a completely newstandard form of contract for large clients on major constructionprojects. The main purpose of the form is to meet the particularneeds of large commercial clients who do not themselves intend tooccupy the premises, as well as property owners and developers(such as hoteliers and supermarkets) who regularly build. The Major Project Form is the first JCT form specifically toprovide for third party rights. It caters for various levels ofdesign input on the part of client and contractor and incorporatesa design submission procedure. Other key provisions are those dealing with: no retention,acceleration of project, bonus for early completion, cost savingsand value improvements, the client's pre-appointed consultants, andmediation. This new book will look at the contract clause by clause, withfull text of the contract itself, and will examine the background law, highlighting practical issues.


Tony Bingham, Building August 04
'If ever there was a safe pair of hands, they belong to this fellow(Neil Jones)... he uses his knowledge ... to tell us what he thinksthe new form means.'

'Neil F jones is a veteran commentator on construction law, withyears of experience as a construction litigator.'

Construction Law
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