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The Blackwell Guide to Medical Ethics

Rosamond Rhodes (Hrsg.), Leslie P. Francis (Hrsg.), Anita Silvers (Hrsg.)

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The Blackwell Guide to Medical Ethics is a guide to thecomplex literature written on the increasingly dense topic ofethics in relation to the new technologies of medicine. * Examines the key ethical issues and debates which have resultedfrom the rapid advances in biomedical technology * Brings together the leading scholars from a wide range ofdisciplines, including philosophy, medicine, theology and law, todiscuss these issues * Tackles such topics as ending life, patient choice, sellingbody parts, resourcing and confidentiality * Organized with a coherent structure that differentiates betweenthe decisions of individuals and those of social policy.


-Arthur Caplan, University of Pennsylvania
"This volume...offers a rich array of perspectives from which to view the ethics of medicine. With twenty-three articles and a good deal of references for further reading, it will be a helpful tool for navigating the complex literature on the key issues in medical ethics." (Ethical Perspectives)"There has been an enormous gap in the literature of bioethics- theory. In the rush to resolve contentious moral questions,inadequate attention has been paid to the tools used to achieveinsight and answers. This important volume goes a long way towardproviding what has been too little in evidence in the field. TheGuide gives readers clear expositions of the normativerationales that leading thinkers in bioethics use to support theirpositions on a wide variety of timely issues. It is an invaluabletoolkit for all interested in bioethics."
-Bernard Gert, Dartmouth College
"This excellent collection of specially written papers isorganized in an innovative way that seeks to clear up a lot ofconfusion that comes from people talking past each other."
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