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Practical High-Performance Liquid Chromatography

Veronika R. Meyer

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Chemie


Jump into the HPLC adventure! Three decades on from publication of the 1st Germanedition of Veronika Meyer's book on HPLC, this classic text remainsone of the few titles available on general HPLC aimed atpractitioners. New sections on the following topics have been included in thisfifth edition: * Comparison of HPLC with capillary electrophoresis * How to obtain peak capacity * van Deemter curves and other coherences * Hydrophilic interaction chromatography * Method transfer * Comprehensive two-dimensional HPLC * Fast separations at 1000 bar * HPLC with superheated water In addition, two chapters on the instrument test andtroubleshooting in the appendix have been updated and expanded byBruno E. Lendi, and many details have been improved and numerousreferences added. A completely new chapter is presented on quality assurancecovering: * Is it worth the effort? * Verification with a second method * Method validation * Standard operating procedures * Measurement uncertainty * Qualifications, instrument test, and system suitabilitytest * The quest for quality Reviews of earlier editions "That this text is written by an expert in both the practice andteaching of HPLC is evident from the first paragraph....not only anenjoyable, fascinating and easy read, but a truly excellent textthat has and will serve many teachers, students and practitionersvery well." --The Analyst "...provides essential information on HPLC for LCpractitioners in academia, industry, government, and researchlaboratories...a valuable introduction." - American Journalof Therapeutics


(Chromatographia, 1December 2010)
"This book is very much ''an aid to this end'' andshould be number one on every young chromatographer's book list.The publishers too have played their part in producing a book thatis pleasing on the eye and a pleasure to read."
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