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Psalms Through the Centuries, Volume 1

Susan Gillingham

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Christentum


This is the first of a two-volume bible commentary covering thePsalms and examining the role of these biblical poems throughoutJewish and Christian history. * Provides a fascinating introduction to the literary,historical, and theological background of psalmody * Examines the psalms through liturgy and prayer, study andpreaching, translation and imitation, and musical composition andartistic illustration * Includes illustrations of significant psalms, helpful maps, andan extensive bibliography; an expanded bibliography toaccompany the book is also available at * A forthcoming second volume is planned, which will take analternative psalm-by-psalm approach * Now available in paperback, and published in the innovativereception-history series, Blackwell Bible Commentaries


(Journalof Theological Studies, 1 October 2013)
"Dr Gillingham has already published widely on the Psalms,and we look forward to her second volume."
--Journal for the Study of the Old Testament
"A most impressive piece of work ...The coverage istruly encyclopaedic in scope and nothing seems to have escapedGillingham's attention."
--Religious Studies Review
"Gillingham meticulously masters the diverse receptionhistory of the psalms ... Every page is bursting with solidresearch and influential insight. An invaluable addition to thefield."
--John Barton, University of Oxford
"This wonderful book whets the appetite both for itssecond volume, and for more volumes of this valuable series ...[A] highly innovative and promising project." --International Review of Biblical Studies"This book is a breakthrough in our understandingof the reception history of the Psalter. It will appeal to scholarsand students of the Psalms and also to everyone who uses and praysthem. The scope is extraordinarily wide and covers both Jewish andChristian use of the Psalms over nearly three thousandyears."
--The Rt Revd Dr Geoffrey Rowell, Diocese of Europe
"As liturgical and devotional texts the Psalms occupy aunique place in Jewish and Christian tradition. In thisimpressively wide ranging study, Sue Gillingham explores how overthe centuries the Psalms have inspired, been prayed, analyzed,interpreted and spoken with an extraordinary resonance to manykinds of human need. Musicians, liturgists and students ofliterature as well as theologians, clergy and Christian and Jewishteachers, will find fresh perspectives and new insights in thismagisterial survey. We await with anticipation the second volume inwhich against this background the interpretation of individualpsalms will be considered."



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