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A Companion to American Cultural History

Karen Halttunen (Hrsg.)

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Regional- und Ländergeschichte


A Companion to American Cultural History offers ahistoriographic overview of the scholarship, with special attentionto the major studies and debates that have shaped the field, and anassessment of where it is currently headed. * 30 essays explore the history of American culture at allanalytic levels * Written by scholarly experts well-versed in the questions andcontroversies that have activated interest in this burgeoningfield * Part of the authoritative Blackwell Companions to AmericanHistory series * Provides both a chronological and thematic approach: topicsrange from British America in the Eighteenth Century to the modernday globalization of American Culture; thematic approaches includegender and sexuality and popular culture


(A Journal ofSouthern History, February 2010)
"The thirty bibliographies of the most influential work inAmerican cultural history would by themselves make the book veryhelpful to a wide audience. But the essays' historiographical andthematic overviews provide the most valuable contribution, for eachessay is aimed squarely at the ways that the best works in thefield have been in conversation with each other."
(Reviews inHistory, April 2009)
"A monumental achievement. The breadth of coverage isstaggering, and the depth of insight a credit to its multifariousauthors. Rarely can one book offer so much."
(CHOICE, March 2009)
"This excellent reader in US cultural history forundergraduates may also be useful to specialists as a generaloverview of the field as it has evolved, especially over the pastfour decades. Summing Up: Highly recommended. Alllevels/libraries."
(ReferenceReviews, January 2009)
"A guide for scholars and students who are interested indevelopments over the past quarter-century ... No reader shouldcome away from it without a good springboard to further study. Itis an appetite-whetter, a conspectus and a guide."
-Joan Shelley Rubin, University of Rochester
"The contributors to this indispensable volume have applied toscholarship in American cultural history the same keen imaginationand appreciation for complexity that has made the field so excitingin recent years."
-Alan Trachtenberg, Yale University
"This important collection of original essays provides a mostuseful and accessible survey of a new approach to United Stateshistory. It is not just a companion but a text in its own right, anew survey of the American past from many culturalperspectives."
-John Kasson, The University of North Carolina at ChapelHill
"This volume marks a major contribution to the field of Americancultural history. Illuminating, accessible, and authoritative, itwill indeed prove a trusty companion for students and scholars alike."
-Richard W. Fox, University of Southern California
"This well-wrought collection is a must-read. Its essays do morethan any other book to clarify the multiple meanings of culturalhistory and to document the thorough penetration of culturalapproaches to all the sub-fields of American historicalscholarship."
-Jean-Christophe Agnew, Yale University
"A comprehensive and timely overview of American culturalhistory, from its first pioneering examples to its most recentlinguistic, visual, transnational, and performative turns. Studentslooking for a lucid and lively introduction to the themes, methods,and impact of the culturalist perspective on US history will findthis volume indispensable."
-Jackson Lears, Rutgers University
"This collection is a marvel of intelligent synthesis andconcise interpretation. Karen Halttunen has assembled some of thebest cultural historians in the United States and they have castunprecedented light on their contentious field from a rich varietyof chronological and conceptual perspectives. The result is anindispensable scholarly resource."
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