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Ecology, Fisheries and Conservation

Malcolm R. Clark (Hrsg.), Ricardo S. Santos (Hrsg.), Telmo Morato (Hrsg.), Nigel Haggan (Hrsg.), Tony J. Pitcher (Hrsg.), Paul J. B. Hart (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Landwirtschaft, Gartenbau


Seamounts are ubiquitous undersea mountains rising from the oceanseafloor that do not reach the surface. There are likely manyhundreds of thousands of seamounts, they are usually formed fromvolcanoes in the deep sea and are defined by oceanographers asindependent features that rise to at least 0.5 km above theseafloor, although smaller features may have the same origin. This book follows a logical progression from geological andphysical processes, ecology, biology and biogeography, toexploitation, management and conservation concerns. In 21 Chapterswritten by 57 of the world's leading seamount experts, thebook reviews all aspects of their geology, ecology, biology,exploitation, conservation and management. In Section I of thisbook, several detection and estimation techniques for tallyingseamounts are reviewed, along with a history of seamountresearch. This book represents a unique and fresh synthesis of knowledgeof seamounts and their biota and is an essential reference work onthe topic. It is an essential purchase for all fisheries scientistsand managers, fish biologists, marine biologists and ecologists,environmental scientists, conservation biologists andoceanographers. It will also be of interest to members of fish andwildlife agencies and government departments covering conservationand management. Supplementary material is available


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"This book is a very important contribution to the seamount fieldand I feel safe in predicting that it will be valuable resource forresearchers and stakeholders for many years to come."(Environmental Conservation, December 2008) "A brilliant and very useful book about a very important topic.An impressive collaboration." (Ausmarine) "A Brilliant and very useful book about a very important topic.An impressive collaboration." (Work Boat World)"A brilliant and very useful book about a very important topic. Animpressive collaboration." Ausmarine <!--end--> "A Brilliant and very useful book about a very important topic.An impressive collaboration."
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