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The Cradle of Modernism

Jean-Michel Rabate

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Englische Sprachwissenschaft / Literaturwissenschaft


This innovative book puts modernist literature in its cultural,intellectual, and global context, within the framework of the year1913. * * Broadens the analysis of canonical texts and artistic events byshowing their cultural and global parallels * Examines a number of simultaneous artistic, literary, andpolitical endeavours including those of Yeats, Pound, Joyce, DuBois and Stravinsky * Explores Pound's Personae next to Apollinaire'sAlcools and Rilke's Spanish Trilogy, Edith Wharton'sThe Custom of the Country next to Proust's Swann'sWay


(MLR, April2009)
"While reading Rabatk's book I constantly had in mind TheodorAdorno's remark to Walter Benjamin about the latter's habit of'occult adjacentism'. Adorno, of course, meant this as adamning criticism of his friend's method in the Arcadesproject, but it beautifully describes the effect of 1913 and itskaleidoscopic presentation of a world thattroublingly-uncannily-intimates our own."
(The Review of EnglishStudies, June 2009)
"Rabate offers scholars and students a new portrait ofcosmopolitan modernism to contemplate, making a study ofglobalization central to his understanding of the period'sliterary and artistic endeavors."
-Lawrence Rainey, University of York
"This book's clarity and specificity will rewardeven readers familiar with his topics. Summing Up: Highlyrecommended."(Choice)"With this book Jean-Michel Rabaté, one of the foremostscholars of literary modernism, serves up a sumptuous intellectualfeast. Examining the currents of thought and creative activity thatchurn through a single year, the 1913 of his title, he achieves anepic overview of early modernism. Music, painting, technology,science, philosophy, mathematics, literature, sexuality--nothingescapes his probing gaze. Telling anecdotes, insightful criticism,and philosophical rigour are combined to produce a work that isboth a pleasure to read and a major scholarly synthesis."
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