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The Cost of Land Use Decisions

Applying Transaction Cost Economics to Planning and Development

Edwin Buitelaar

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This important new book tackles the ongoing debate between marketand government in planning. By applying transaction cost economicsto an evaluation of land use systems, the author provides a freshangle and a useful contribution to a growing field of study forresearchers in urban planning, public administration and landeconomics. The book explains the relevance of the cost of land usedecisions to planning practice and analyses institutions andtransaction costs. The author offers evidence from three systematicempirical studies with detailed analyses of the planning ofNijmegen - Holland being known for its plan-led development;Bristol - where the UK planning system is characterised by beingdevelopment-led and discretionary; and Houston - generally regardedas the city with no planning at all.


(Construction Management and Economics,October 2008)
"Anyone with a general interest in urban planning can benefit fromthis text."
(Journal of Regional Science, February 2009)
"Readers of the book will benefit from its enlighteningcross-national analysis. The Cost of Land Use Decisionssucceeds in tracing the roots and current expression of threedistinct planning regimes, with the lens of transaction costsbringing their similarities and differences into clearer focus."
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