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Neglected Children and Their Families

Olive Stevenson

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Those who work with children and young people have a responsibilityto safeguard and promote their welfare. Recognizing and detectingsigns of emotional abuse and neglect is an important responsibilityas well as a key skill. As well as ensuring that children and youngpeople are free from harm, it is equally important to ensure theirwell-being and quality of life. This new edition of Olive Stevenson's highly respectedtext is updated throughout to include the latest policy andresearch developments, and expanded to include greaterconsideration of topics such as the impact of parental mentalhealth, substance abuse and alcoholism on parental capacity and theissue of parents with learning disabilities. Providing clearguidelines for the assessment and intervention of child neglect,Neglected Children and Their Families is an invaluableresource for all those studying and working in childcare, includingsocial workers, health visitors and child nurses. * * Includes recent policy and research developments in the field,and includes latest government initiatives * Provides best-practice guidelines for the detection andassessment of neglect * Written by a highly-respected authority in the area * Evidence-based, accessible and practical in style


Child and Family Social Work
"Although her background is in social work, Olive Stevenson writesin such a way that the comments on recent government guidance couldbe applied to any setting in which children are encountered....Iwill certainly be adding this book to my essential reading list."Nursing Standard <!--end--> "Its broad content and readability, supported by copiousliterature and policy, make it an essential read forpractitioners." Primary Health Care "A good book that does what it says on the packet."
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