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Ghosts of Memory

Essays on Remembrance and Relatedness

Janet Carsten (Hrsg.)

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Sonstiges


Ghosts of Memory provides an overview of literature onrelatedness and memory and then moves beyond traditional approachesto the subject, exploring the subtle and complex intersectionsbetween everyday forms of relatedness in the present and memoriesof the past. * * Explores how various subjects are located in personal andfamilial histories that connect to the wider political formationsof which they are a part * Closely examines diverse and intriguing case studies, e.g.Catholic residents of a decayed railway colony in Bengal, and sexworkers in London * Brings together original essays authored by contemporaryexperts in the field * Draws on anthropology, literature, memory studies, and socialhistory


Olivia Harris, London School of Economics
"A welcome addition offering rich ethnographic cross-culturalaccounts and successfully demonstrates how the work of memory playsout in intimate, informal, non-ritualistic, everyday forms andpractices of kinship." (Journal of the Royal AnthropologicalInstitute, March 2009)"This volume is full of insights into the manifold ways that people negotiate disruption in family relations, compensate for the absence of close kin, and work through loss. A fascinating and nuanced account of the play of continuity and discontinuity at the heart of human cultures."
Gillian Feeley-Harnik, University of Michigan
"This superb collection of papers inaugurates a new direction in the study of kinship and politics grounded in the complexities of memory. Carsten and her colleagues link everyday processes of relating with larger webs of power and authority through the ghosts - those whose existence is contested - they have in common. Thus they show that the sociality of remembering and forgetting lies above all in the creation and destruction of persons."
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