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Tectonic Geomorphology of Mountains

A New Approach to Paleoseismology

William B. Bull

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With a balance of theory and practical applications, TectonicGeomorphology of Mountains is essential reading for researchgeologists and upper-level undergraduate and graduate students inthe earth sciences. * * This book describes how tectonic events influence geomorphicprocesses and explores how landscapes respond to tectonicdeformation in the ways in which they are weathered, washed, andabraded * Uses new approaches to enhance theoretical models of landscapeevolution and to solve practical problems such as the assessment ofearthquake hazards * Includes previously unpublished research and theory * Examines how to use key landforms as reference levels inchanging landscapes, estimate rates of mountain-range uplift, andmap seismic shaking caused by prehistorical earthquakes * Presents a diverse range of examples from around the world


(Geographical Journal, September 2008)
"The writing style is conversational and familiar and the text issprinkled with numerous vignettes from the author's long anddistinguished career.... Exhaustive descriptions complemented byabundant simple, clear illustrations form the core of eachchapter."
(Geoscientist, January 2009)
"The book contains numerous excellent examples to illustrate theconcepts introduced in the text ... .An excellent advancedtextbook that should be widely read by all geologists interested inthe interaction of active tectonics and landscapes."
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