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Public Health Advocacy and Tobacco Control

Making Smoking History

Simon Chapman

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Simon Chapman is one of the world's leading advocates fortobacco control, having won the coveted Luther Terry and WHOmedals. His experience straddles 30 years of activism, highlyoriginal research and analysis, having run advocacy training onevery continent and editing the British Medical Journal'sTobacco Control research journal. In this often witty and personalbook, he lays out a program for making smoking history. Heeviscerates ineffective approaches, condemns overly enthusiasticpolicies which ignore important ethical principles, and provides acookbook of strategy and tactics for denormalising smoking and theindustry which promotes it. Public Health Advocacy and Tobacco Control is dividedinto two sections. The first contains chapters spanning such keytopics as the place of advocacy in tobacco control, ethical issues,smoking cessation and prevention, harm reduction and productregulation and the denormalisation of smoking. The second sectionprovides an invaluable A-Z of tobacco control advocacy strategyfrom Accuracy to Whistleblowers.


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"Anyone remotely interested in public health advocacy, ethics, andpolicy - not only related to tobacco - will find it a rewardingread. Chapman blends history, policy, ethics, and advocacy in awitty, engaging, and accessible way." British MedicalJournal <!--end--> "This important text explores what needs to be done globally foreffective tobacco control in the early decades of the 21stcentury."



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