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The Ethics of Genetic Commerce

Rob Quail (Hrsg.)

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Betriebswirtschaft


Our rapidly expanding genetic knowledge today points toward a nearfuture in which the elements of humanity closest to our moral coremay themselves be produced, manipulated, commodified, andexchanged. * * Explores the moral and ethical concerns derived from anincreasing knowledge of genetics and the variety of its commercialapplications * A major contribution to the emerging understanding of the rolethat ethics will play in genetic commerce * Written by experts from the academic and corporate sector, withdiverse backgrounds in business, social science, andphilosophy * Addresses a range of relevant issues, including geneticscreening, the use of individual's genetic information, therise of genetically modified foods, patenting, pharmaceuticalmergers and monopolization, and the implications of genetic testingon non-human mammals


Keith Douglass Warner, Santa ClaraUniversity <!--end-->
"These essays demonstrate the critical importance of applied ethicsas we all grapple with the biotechnology revolution. These scholarsuse ethics to illustrate the conflicts that emerge fromcommercializing genetic technologies and to indicate how moralreasoning could help society make better decisions about how todeploy them. A much needed contribution to understanding theexpanding role of genetic technologies in our world."
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Wirtschaftsethik, Genetics, Life Sciences, Biowissenschaften, Wirtschaft u. Management, Business Ethics, Business & Management, Genetik