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Syncope and Transient Loss of Consciousness

Multidisciplinary Management

Wouter Wieling (Hrsg.), Antonio Raviele (Hrsg.), David G. Benditt (Hrsg.), Michele Brignole (Hrsg.)

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Syncope is one of the most important causes of transient loss ofconsciousness, and is such a common event that it may beencountered by practitioners in virtually any field of medicine. Assuch, a broad spectrum of healthcare professionals may be involvedin its assessment and management. Edited by distinguished individuals whose pioneering work insyncope highlights careers devoted to improving patient care, thisbook provides: * Succinct, practical and up-to-date guidance on the optimalclinical evaluation and treatment of patients with syncope andtransient loss of consciousness in a multidisciplinaryframework * Evidence-based recommendations founded on comprehensiveliterature review and extensive clinical experience by expertcontributors * Meaningful clinical tips for appropriate use of guidelinesin clinical practice * Key recent citations Building on the European Society of Cardiology SyncopeGuidelines, this book provides a clear evaluation of the latestrecommendations for care of patients with syncope and transientloss of consciousness, with a multidisciplinary focus that makes itequally relevant for general physicians or those specializing incardiology or neurology.



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