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The Times of Bede

Studies in Early English Christian Society and its Historian

Patrick Wormald

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Regional- und Ländergeschichte


Written by the late Patrick Wormald, one of the leading authoritieson Bede's life and work over a 30-year period, this book is acollection of studies on Bede and early English Christian society. * A collection of studies on Bede, the greatest historian of theEnglish Middle Ages, and the early English church. * Integrates the religious, intellectual, political and socialhistory of the English in their first Christian centuries. * Looks at how Bede and other writers charted the establishmentof a Christian community within a warrior society. * Features the first map of all known or likely early Christiancommunities in England. * Includes plans and illustrations of the finest early Christianchurch in England at Brixworth. * An appendix considers Bede's treatment of St. Hilda, thefirst great English female saint.


"The untimely death of Patrick Wormald in 2004 deprived thescholarly community of a brilliant historian best known for hismagisterial study of the development of English law during theAnglo-Saxon period. As the volume under review here clearly shows,Worrnald was also a leading figure in revising our understanding ofBede and his early medieval English cultural milieu."
-James Campbell, University of Oxford
"On display throughout ... is Wormald'sconsiderable intellect and erudition and in the earlier essays inparticular an enviable familiarity with Continental scholarship.There are also occasional flashes of the theater that was a Wormaldlecture." (Catholic Historical Review, October 2008)"This collection exemplifies the high qualities of scholarship,originality and forceful expression which characterized itslamented author. All serious work on Bede and his age has to reckonwith these papers!"
-Janet Nelson, Kings College London
"Patrick Wormald's research, driven for over more thanthirty years by the quest to understand and assess Bede, producedwork of a profound coherence and consistency. Here, then, is morethan a collection of classic papers. From two parts, on Bede as athinker who didn't so much reflect as reinflect his world,and on the afterlife of Bede's critique in later Anglo-SaxonEngland, is constructed something wondrously balanced and whole: amasterpiece of a book."
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