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The Nasca

Donald Proulx, Helaine Silverman

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Geschichte


This well-illustrated, concise text will serve as a benchmark study of the Nasca people and culture for years to come.


British Bulletin of Publications, October 2003
"An outstanding contribution to the field of Andean archaeology.This book is the most comprehensive treatment of the Nascaavailable and is a must read for any person interested in theorigins of complex societies in South America and beyond."Charles Stanish, University of California, Los Angeles <!--end--> "Preposterous but popular arguments that the enigmatic NazcaLines were created by extraterrestrials detract from appreciationof Native American culture, making an entertaining and scholarlyarchaeology of ancient Nasca civilization especially pertinent.Silverman and Proulx have written exactly the right book. Aformidable pair of scholars, erudite while engaging, they presentan almost encyclopaedic account of what is known about Nascawithout ever failing to fascinate. This is an excellent book forscholars, students, and for educated general readers. It representsa real contribution to knowledge about Native Americancivilization." William H. Isbell, State University of New Yorkat Binghamton "This is the first book to discuss, in depth, the cultureof the Nasca, which not only produced monumental works, but whosesociety flourished in seven river valleysfrom Chincha to Chala. The11 chapters, written by the two foremost scholars of Nascaarchaeology, present an up-to-date synthesis of what is known ofNasca society between 150BCE and 800CE." Choice, Nov.2002 "The Nasca can be recommended as the only comprehensiveoverview of its subject, and it is hoped that it will stimulate theprogramme of research badly needed to put to the test the plethoraof ideas advanced in it." Journal of Latin AmericanStudies "Andeanists should welcome this addition to the series devotedto single prehistoric societies ... much will be of considerableinterest to both specialists and students, as well as the generalpublic ... the book is a feast for all." Dwight T. Wallace,Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute "This book consolidates some hundred years of scholarship, sinceMax Uhle first sought out these pre-Inca people in 1901."



Latin American & Caribbean History, Archäologie, Archaeology, History, Geschichte / Lateinamerika, karibischer Raum, Geschichte