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The Normans

Marjorie Chibnall

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Regional- und Ländergeschichte


This book provides the most comprehensive examination of the Normans available, examining the emergence of the Normans, their characteristics as a group, and their various achievements in war, culture and civilization.


"A masterly work, the most elegant and concise account of Normanhistory currently in print." Times Literary Supplement <!--end--> "Lucidly written, based on up-to-date literature and above all,on an intimate knowledge of the sources, Marjorie Chibnall's latestbook is an absolute must for the novice reader as well as for theseasoned Anglo-Norman specialist." History "Chibnall has produced a very engaging and informative generalstudy of the Normans." History "A marvellous overview of the Normans written by a preeminentscholar of the Anglo-Norman realm ... While much of the Normanstory is well known, Chibnall's study brings it all together in onegraceful package. Her emphasis on the kingdom of Sicily is a usefulcorrective to our usual concentration on the Anglo-Norman realm.Equally valuable is her emphasis on kinship networks and theimportance of the church within Norman society. This attempt topresent a balanced view of the Norman world may be the single mostvaluable quality to this work. The Normans is an excellentintroduction for the student of this remarkable people."
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Archaeology, Archäologie, European Medieval History, Geschichte, Geschichte des europäischen Mittelalters, History