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Powers and Submissions

Spirituality, Philosophy and Gender

Sarah Coakley

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


In this book Sarah Coakley confronts a central paradox oftheological feminism - what she terms 'the paradox of power andvulnerability'. * * Confronts a central paradox of theological feminism -what Coakley terms 'paradox of power and vulnerability'. * Explores this issue through the perspective of spiritualpractice, philosophical enquiry and doctrinal analysis. * Draws together an essential collection of Sarah Coakley's workin this field. * Offers an original perspective into contemporary feministtheology.


Khaled Anatolios, Weston Jesuit School of Theology
"I am tremendously impressed by Sarah Coakley's book. It makes abridge between the naive prephilosophical version of crucialbeliefs and current work on feminist theology which is very arcaneto the outsider. Sarah's clarity of expression and her tough styleof argument are a delight. It is wonderful how well these separateessays follow on one another and have so much continuity." MaryDouglas <!--end--> "In this set of extraordinarily erudite essays Sarah Coakleyshows us that not only is Christian feminism crucial forconstructive Christian theology in our day, but equally importantChristian feminism can and does make a contribution tonon-Christian feminist thought. In Powers and Submissions Coakleydraws on the riches of the Christian tradition as well ascontemporary theology to challenge the tendency in modern theologyto separate theology and prayer. What a wonderful book. "Stanley Hauerwas, Duke University "Such an intense and often understated vision - rich, subtle,and refreshing in its integrity- makes this a most unusual and verywelcome book." Michael Barnes, The Way "There is a real delicacy of interpretation in these essayswhich takes its lead from a present problematic, but which allowsitself and its own terms to be questioned by what is found inpre-modern material." Theology "Spanning theology, philosophy of religion, and feminist theory,Coakley's essays have import for scholars and advanced students inall three areas." Religious Studies Review "Such an intense and often understated vision - rich, subtle,and refreshing in its integrity - makes this a most unusual andvery welcome book." The Way "...Coakley's work is exemplarily dialogue. Indeed, the abidingimpression is of a brilliant and magnanimous hostess who is givento bring together the sort of people who would not ordinarily haveanything to do with each other. Like an ideal hostess, she listensgenerously to each and tries to construe what they say in the bestpossible light, but she has strong and clear views of her own,which she ultimately articulates with considerable persusiveauthority." Khaled Anatolios, Weston Jesuit School ofTheology "Anyone interested in genuine dialogue between the Christiantheological and spiritual traditions and contemporary concerns willfind this collection to be stimulating and very rewarding reading."
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