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The Divine Attributes

Joshua Hoffman, Gary S. Rosenkrantz

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Philosophie


The Divine Attributesis an engaging analysis of the God of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam from the perspective of rational theology.


John Fischer, University of California atRiverside
"Intellectually rigorous, yet written with great clarity, this bookenables the reader to understand the attributes; omnipotence,omniscience, perfect goodness, eternality, etc. - that makeup the dominant idea of God in Western civilization. Highlyrecommended!" William L. Rowe, Purdue University <!--end--> "This is a masterly exercise in rational theology by two leadingmetaphysicians. Their rigorous approach and skilful application ofrecent developments in analytical metaphysics make this book atonce authoritative, lucid, and compelling. As well as being anextremely valuable resource for students and teachers of philosophyand theology, it advances contemporary debate about the properunderstanding of God's nature in important and interesting newways." E. J. Lowe, University of Durham "This book is excellent: thoughtful, rigorous, and systematic.In addition to being a penetrating and sophisticated work, it isalso highly readable."
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