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The Blackwell Companion to Sociology

Judith R. Blau (Hrsg.)

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Allgemeines, Lexika


The Blackwell Companion to Sociology is a milestone collection of new essays by renowned sociologists, covering both the traditions and strengths of the field as well as newer developments and directions. Authors from the US, the UK, Europe and elsewhere have contributed to this all-in-one reference work, highlighting the relevance of interdisciplinary and international perspectives, while at the same time representing the scope and quality of sociology in its current form.


Contemporary Sociology
"Judith Blau's Companion is an impressive collection by asociologist/editor who clearly knows her field and has done herhomework. The volume is comprehensive enough to serve as a lifetimesociological companion, and will be useful not only to researchers,teachers, and students, but to sociologically curious generalreaders." Herbert J. Gans, Columbia University <!--end--> "Judith Blau has assembled an impressive group of internationalscholars who have written essays on the cutting edge of sociologytoday. Not only are the chapters first rate, but the range oftopics is creative and new. The book reflects some of the changesin sociology over the last decade, and it presents new agendas forsociology in the next decade, and beyond. This exciting book is a'must read' for all sociologists." Jonathan H. Turner,University of California-Riverside "Graduate students and scholars in sociology, economics andpolitical science may find a few challenging essays and usefulwebsites in their areas of interest." Choice "The chapters are informative, concise and lively. Beyond itsutility as a reference, however, the spirit of the volume as awhole is a nice reminder that sociology remains an ambitiousendeavour whose complexities and rewards may continue to grow withtime"
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Soziologie, Sociology, Einführung in die Soziologie, Introduction to Sociology