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Norsemen in the Viking Age

Eric Christiansen

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Regional- und Ländergeschichte


This history of the Nordic peoples in the period 750-1050 focuseson their homelands and colonies, demonstrating the fluidity andincoherence of the world in which they lived. * Considers the Nordic peoples in Viking times without unduerecourse to developmental theories. * Guides readers through some of the scholarly controversiessurrounding these peoples. * Illustrated by reference to runic, poetic and archaeologicalevidence.


The Medieval Review
"This is an interesting, often informative and provocative book."
"[A] thought-provoking survey of, and engagement with, the wholegamut of Viking-age activities and resulting scholarship."
History July 2007
"This book is an absolute delight, a quirky, hard-hittingpotpourri to be dipped into and savoured by anyone even remotelyinterested in the period ... Altogether this is a lively,provocative and stimulating book, strongly recommended to anyonewith interest in early medieval Europe or indeed any reader seekingentertainment."
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Geschichte, European Medieval History, History, Geschichte des Altertums u. der klassischen Antike, Ancient & Classical History, Geschichte des europäischen Mittelalters