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Chronic Physical Disorders

Behavioral Medicine's Perspective

Michael Antoni (Hrsg.), Alan Christensen (Hrsg.)

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In Chronic Physical Disorders, the most prominent figures in the field of behavioral medicine argue why a biopsychosocial perspective is crucial to reducing the tremendous personal and societal burden of chronic disease.


Professor Francis J. Keefe, DukePain and Palliative Care Program
"Christensen and Antoni have edited an outstanding text thatwill be exceptionally helpful to both researchers and clinicians.The list of authors reads like a veritable Who's Who inBehavioral Medicine."
Dr. Perry M. Nicassio, California School ofProfessional Psychology, San Diego, and the University ofCalifornia, San Diego School of Medicine
"This volume provides an excellent synthesis of thecross-cutting themes and major psychosocial issues in theadjustment process for persons with chronic medical conditions. Itis an essential reference for researchers, clinicians, and studentsof the discipline of health psychology and behavioral medicine, aswell as a valuable resource for other health professionals whoseresearch and clinical work focuses on chronic diseasemanagement."
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