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A History of Old English Literature

Robert D. Fulk, Christopher M. Cain

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Englische Sprachwissenschaft / Literaturwissenschaft


This timely introduction to Old English literature focuses on theproduction and reception of Old English texts, and on theirrelation to Anglo-Saxon history and culture. * Introduces Old English texts and considers their relation toAnglo-Saxon culture. * Responds to renewed emphasis on historical and culturalcontexts in the field of medieval studies. * Treats virtually the entire range of textual types preserved inOld English. * Considers the production, reception and uses of Old Englishtexts. * Integrates the Anglo-Latin backgrounds crucial to understandingOld English literature. * Offers very extensive bibliographical guidance. * Demonstrates that Anglo-Saxon studies is uniquely placed tocontribute to current literary debates.


Professor Daniel Donoghue,Harvard University
"Now the oldest English texts have a literary history for thetwenty-first century. One of the chief virtues of A History ofOld English Literature is the rich elaboration of contexts,extending from the manuscripts to the literary and intellectualworld of Anglo-Saxon England, to the early modern criticism, and tothe most recent critical reception."
"This volume represents the renewed historicism in Old Englishstudies and admirably supplements previous literary histories [...]Essential for undergraduate and graduate libraries."
"The need for a comprehensive introductory survey of literaturein Old English seems obvious, but none has been attempted sinceGreenfield's and Calder's A New Critical History ofOld English Literature (1986). That volume had manyimperfections, including a heavy bias towards poetry, and it isgood to see that Fulk and Cain acknowledge the importance of proseand tackle it with enthusiasm. ... There are plenty of thingsto admire in this book: excellent accounts of such relativelyneglected texts as the Old English Pastoral Care and Boethius, forinstance, and a rejection of the tired 'elegy' labelwhose use undermines so much criticism of the shorter poems.... this is a lively , accurate and practical introduction tothe literature for students, which will provide valuable'refresher' material (including biographicalreferences) for teachers, too."
Literature & History
"It provides an excellent overview of the area ... Itadmirably achieves the goals of an 'history',particularly aimed at the student market, and has much to recommendit."
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