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Political Geography

Territory, State and Society

Kevin R. Cox

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Geografie


Developed out of the author's own substantial teaching experience, this introduction to political geography approaches its subject matter from the standpoint of political economy and the politics of difference.


SouthAfrican Geographical Journal
"Geographically wide-ranging but theoretically coherent, this bookprovides a sophisticated yet accessible introduction to theessentials of political geography... it conveys a way of thinkingabout the territorial organization of the world and itsconsequences for the world's peoples that students can carry withthem long after they have forgotten the details of the examples."John Agnew, University of California Los Angeles <!--end--> "This is a very interesting, thorough and readable treatment ofthe political-economic formation of the contemporary world. Coxintegrates contemporary theoretical and political concerns centeredon difference and identity into a political-economy framework forunderstanding capitalism, the state, and territoriality. Addressingprocesses at a variety of geographic scales, and providing numerousempirical examples, Cox fascinatingly integrates and de-mystifiesmaterial that is frequently, but artificially, treated separately."Byron Miller, Director of the Urban Studies Programme,University of Calgary "Many aspects of the text make it worth considering forundergraduate or graduate courses, especially the excellent casestudies and the inclusion of race and gender issues" DouglasReardon, Coppin State College. "Cox has written a carefully structured publication for studentsand lecturers with an interset in political geography. A wealth ofhistorical and political science knowledge is offered."
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