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A Companion to the Anthropology of Politics

Joan Vincent (Hrsg.), David Nugent (Hrsg.)

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Sonstiges


This Companion offers an unprecedented overview ofanthropology's unique contribution to the study of politics. * * Explores the key concepts and issues of our time - from AIDS,globalization, displacement, and militarization, to identitypolitics and beyond * Each chapter reflects on concepts and issues that have shapedthe anthropology of politics and concludes with thoughts on andchallenges for the way ahead * Anthropology's distinctive genre, ethnography, lies atthe heart of this volume


A Choice Outstanding Academic Title of the Year
MichaelBurawoy, University of California, Berkeley
"A magnificent collection. The most engaged andimaginative writing that anthropology has to offer, disclosing theinherently political nature of everyday life."
MarshallSahlins, University of Chicago
"What is impressive about this collection is the way manyauthors take received ideas from political science, politicalphilosophy, cultural studies, or world systems theory and, bysubjecting them to ethnographic scrutiny, transform them in new andpowerful ways. Anthropology makes a difference."
Reference Reviews
"The Blackwell Companions to Anthropology, of which thisvolume is the second to appear, are set fair to blow cobwebs fromdormant minds ... this volume is an exemplar of scholarship at itsmeticulous, dynamic, and demanding best ... we have here an eruditeanalysis of problems of direct relevance to the lives of everyindividual person on our planet, and an inspired exploration of"things to come". This is scholarly, sophisticated,unsparing, courageous political thinking, far removed from theshams, slogans, shibboleths, stupidities, and silliness of much ofthe political comment and conditioning purveyed by our mass media- even by our elected "representatives" ... Thisis an admirable work that will fertilise the rugged field of theanthropology of politics for decades to come. All academiclibraries need it. It would also be a salutary Christmas presentchoice for our pet political representative, an earnest hope of apositive revolution in political theory and practice."
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