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Childhood and Travel Health

George Kassianos

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Immunization: Childhood and Travel Health provides anall-encompassing reference for all those working in primary care,secondary care paediatric wards, immunization centres and travelclinics, as well as medical students and candidates working forhigher examinations. The Fourth Edition has been comprehensively updated and thetravel section completely revised. The book gives a thoroughintroduction to the history of immunization, vaccine technology andimmunology, and compares international schedules of routineimmunizations. Each vaccine is then presented separately, includingcontraindications, local and general side and adverse effects,administration advice, special precautions and notes, vaccineavailability, storage, and well-referenced comments on issuessurrounding each vaccine, including controversies. A description ofthe infection caused by the relevant microorganisms follows,together with data on disease notifications and immunizationcoverage. A considerable number of maps illustrate endemicity ofdiseases. One section is dedicated to issues relevant to primary care suchas immunization fees and targets, audit, electronic recall systems,patient group directions and issues surrounding the immunizationwork of the practice nurse. The Fourth Edition includes an extensive section on travelhealth, which includes the latest travel statistics, travelclinics, detailed advice to travellers and legal issues that mayarise. A considerable amount of information is included on airtravel, contraindications to travel, and high altitude sickness.Specific information is given on advising travellers at riskbecause of pre-existing conditions, and how to best deal with thereturned traveller. Advice is provided for each disease, includingmalaria, which is covered in detail. The last section contains information on notifiable diseases,reciprocal healthcare agreements, contact numbers for Embassies andHigh Commissions in London, a world travel advice checklist, and anextensive list of sources of travel information with contactaddress.


Maternal andChild Health
'This is a thoroughly comprehensive book which contains almosteverything the busy GP or practice nurse could wish to know aboutimmunisation.' Doctor 'George Kassianos has produced a book that is both readable andunderstandable . As this is the only book of its kind on thissubject, covering such a wide and comprehensive range of material,it should be regarded as one of the undisputed classics of generalpractice reading.' Infections 'Any health professional involved in immunization or travel healthwill find this book invaluable.' Practice Nurse 'Dr Kassianos in this small reference book brings together all theinformation likely to be required for general practitioners toprovide a comprehensive immunisation service and to answer allthose questions normally posed by awkward patients!'



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