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Making the Time

An Expert Guide to Cross Country Riding

Stuart Tinney, Alison Duthie

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A crucial element of eventing is that horse and rider complete the cross-country course within a set time ('the optimum time'). If the competitor takes longer, significant penalty points are awarded against him or her. Many eventers try to achieve the optimum time by taking unnecessary risks, which, as Stuart Tinney explains, can be avoided if the correct training is carried out. Stuart Tinney, an Olympic gold medallist, completed the Sydney Olympic course easily within the optimum time, not through uncontrollable speed but through accurate and controlled riding. This skill and the associated training and horse management are explained and demonstrated in the book, including: * Equipment for the horse and rider * Walking the course * Riding cross country safely and efficiently * Training for cross country in the arena * Horse fitness and management * Horse types This book will therefore be of interest to all eventers from introductory to advanced level. Photograph of Stuart Tinney riding Calvin at Berrima by Max Wilson: agenda photography

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