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Health Psychology in Practice

Susan Michie (Hrsg.), Charles Abraham (Hrsg.)

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Psychologie


Published by Blackwell in association with the BritishPsychological Society, Health Psychology in Practiceprovides a comprehensive overview of the UK professional Stage 2Qualification in Health Psychology. * * An essential text for professional training in healthpsychology, both for trainees and teachers and supervisorscontributing to health psychology courses. * Published in association with the British PsychologicalSociety. * Covers the core competencies necessary for qualification as ahealth psychologist. * Includes sections on professional issues, research, consultancyand interventions, teaching and training and other professionalroles. * The final chapter contains a series of individual commentarieson health psychology training in a variety of countries, which willbe of great interest to an international audience. * The editors helped to establish the British PsychologicalSociety's health psychology professional trainingprogramme.


Dental HealthVolume 45, no 2
"Michie &amp; Abraham have produced a truly comprehensive textbased around the competencies required to train as a healthpsychologist in the UK. It will be required reading for all in suchtraining and, because of the breadth and salience of UK healthpsychology training, the book will also be of value to a wide rangeof other applied psychologists and social scientists in the UK andelsewhere." Professor Derek Johnston, University of Aberdeen,Chair Elect, BPS Division of Health Psychology <!--end--> "This book tackles the 'bricks and mortar' of how to do healthpsychology, on both practical and academic levels. Adopting adown-to-earth, no-nonsense approach and written with great clarity,its cohesive and integrated style makes it easy to read and digest.Essential reading and an invaluable reference for all healthpsychologists who want to be fully professionally qualified andwell informed about what is happening in Britain, all advancedresearchers in the field including those training at doctorallevel, students contemplating training for chartership, and theirsupervisors." Suzanne Skevington, Professor of Psychology,University of Bath "The publication of this book is particularly timely as theframework for Stage 2 training of Health Psychologists in the UKcontinues to roll out. The book offers a clear rationale andaccount of the UK Health Psychology training framework, togetherwith comparative accounts of training models in the US, Australia&amp; Europe. Subsequent sections clearly illustrate thecompetencies that health psychologists are required to demonstrateat the end of their period in the areas of research, consultancyand interventions, training and teaching and professional practice,with examples of how these competencies can be acquired inpractice. With relevant illustrative examples and clear linkagesbetween current practice and the competencies underpinning Stage 2training, this book will be an invaluable resource for prospectiveand current trainees and supervisors in health psychology. Thisvolume will do much to define and clarify the roles andcompetencies of health psychologists in the UK, and will quell theanxieties of those wishing to embark on health psychology training,concerned about the need to acquire a potentially daunting array ofcompetencies. It will also help to bring alive the academicknowledge base of health psychology for students at undergraduateand postgraduate levels, by offering clear linkages between theory,research and practice." Professor Nichola Rumsey, ResearchDirector, Centre for Appearance Research, Department of Psychology,UWE Bristol "Published with the British Psychological Society, this readableand practical text will surely form the standard introduction tothis maturing field. It covers training models, research (includingdesign and even writing grant applications), consultancy andinterventions, training and teaching, and professional roles andpractice. " The Scientific and Medical Network Review "Much of the material has a value for health professionals otherthan just psychologists, such as the chapters on planning researchprojects, analysing and reporting data in health research,designing and conducting qualitative studies, carrying outsystematic reviews, and writing for publication."
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